Plug & Play Wiring
The precise alignment resulting from the integrated racking and splice system enables electrical wiring to be automated using plug & play connections that are formed as panels are mechanically interlocked. This unique capability is available only from Andalay Solar.

Integrated Racking
By integrating racking directly into the panel, you no longer need to procure and assemble separate rack systems which are unsightly and time consuming to construct.

Splice System
The unique Splice System interlocks panels together and automates panel-to-panel grounding. Internal ground components eliminate the need for expensive copper wiring and provide a redundant ground path (UL and NEC approved).

By sliding the G-Bolt into the groove of the frame, mounting brackets can easily be secured at any point along the edge of the solar panel. The integrated racking “groove” enables secure mounting to reduce pull-out forces that might be exerted by wind or snow loads.

Andalay Solar has purpose designed mounting solutions for every type of sloped or flat roof so no matter what your job calls for, INSTANT CONNECT® is the perfect solar power system

The Sun is a Constantly Moving Target

The AllEarth Solar Tracker produces up to 45% more energy than a fixed roof system and up to 30% more energy than a fixed ground-mount system.

AllEarth Solar Trackers follow the sun to give you the most energy for your solar investment.

AllEarth Solar has been specializing 
in generating power out of movement for over thirty years, and we believe that it’s the future of solar. As the industry continues to grow, solar will become more and more focused on maximizing energy production, and there’s nothing better out there than dual-axis trackers to achieve that.

Fixed systems are only positioned at the optimal angle for energy production for a limited number of hours each day. With a dual-axis solar tracker, panels will always be oriented towards the sun, no matter the season or time of day, maximizing the solar-system energy production and resulting in up to 45% more energy. More power means a greater return on your solar investment, and energy savings you can take straight to the bank.